Antistatic Filter Media

What is Antistatic Filter Media?

The Antistatic Filter Media is used for Viledon dust removal. So, it is explicitly developed for capturing explosive dust. Depending on the application, there are vast types of antistatic filter media; those are likely-

  • Ultra-fine dust antistatic filter
  • Non-abrasive dust antistatic filter
  • Fibre-containing dusts antistatic filter
  • Lamination with a PTFE membrane antistatic filter
  • Oil-free, sticky, or smoky clouds of dust antistatic filter

Electrostatic discharge is a common issue in wet and dry filtration applications. This issue results in specific risks in the working environment. So, it is up to the equipment and the filter media that incorporate the conductive component safely.


The equipment and filter media subsume the dust that is sufficiently present. They incorporate anti-static technology woven directly into the structure of the fabric. Thus it can reduce the risk of electrostatics and guarantee a smooth filtration process.


  • Availability of a variety of media for various polymer and yarn types.
  • Finished with a patented raster imprint on both sides by carbon suspension.
  • High operational dependability
  • Retain their antistatic effect
  • DEKRA test reports grounds to < 108 Ω  with electric surface and resistances
  • Removal of the dust cake during cleaning is smooth.


Antistatic Filter Media is commonly used in-

  • Palm oil production
  • Edible oil production
  • API drugs production
  • Fluidized Bed Dryer industries
  • Centrifugal bags production
  • Chemical industries
  • Power Generation
  • Dust Collectors process
  • Textile Miles
  • Filter press
  • Metal processing plants
  • Coal Mines
  • Flour mills
  • Sugar factories
  • Grain processing fields

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