Liner Fabric

Liner Fabric

What is Liner Fabric?

Liner fabric is widely used for the process of rubber into various products. We can find its application on the rubber hose, Conveyor belt, rubber sheet, manufacturing tires, rubber coating etc. It is woven out of synthetic yarn like polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, spun yarn, nylon, etc. Thus, it is made of high quality by twisting, aligning and weaving.

Generally, the most approachable weight range of the fabric is 120gms to 600 gms, with the width from 18 cm to 160 cm. But it varies with the product and its types.


  • It prevents the sticking of the rubber-coated components in different layers. 
  • It can be easily released during subsequent use and prevents distortion. Thus it is wrinkle-less and stable in size.
  • The edges and corners of the fabric are cleaned after heat treatment or heat cutting. Thus it has no stitching with less wear and tear properties.
  • It promotes recyclable auxiliary processing aids.
  • It protects the calendered fabrics from humidity, direct sunlight and ozone.
  •  It carries a good breaking strength with dimensional stability.
  • It has good water absorption and drainage properties.


  1. Larger life
  2. Deformation and wrinkle-free
  3. Good Dimensional Stability and stretch proof
  4. Absorption resistant.
  5. Lightweight
  6. Easy separation from rubber compound (Tear-resistant)


  • Tire manufacturing Technology: With the increase of Electric vehicles and the use of energy-efficient tires, LRR tires have expanded. So choosing the right liner for tires is very important.
  • Coating Technology: The principal quality of rubber is stickiness and a thinner layer. Thus liners have a crucial role in maintaining the coating in the products.
  • In making 100% rubber products:  It is used in making cent percent rubber products like rubber hoses, Conveyor belts, rubber sheets, etc

Characteristics of Our Liner Fabric

  1. Options available for in Polyester and Polypropylene material.
  2. Multi-filament, Mono-filament and Spun:
    It is high in elasticity, good abrasion-resistant and has low hygroscopic performance. This fabric is mainly used in Radial Tire production.
  3. High Tenacity Liner Fabric:
    It is lightweight, high tenacity, with good abrasion-resistant and low hygroscopic performance.
  4. Higher tenacity PP liner fabric:
    It has lightweight, high tenacity, good abrasion-resistant and low hygroscopic performance with a smooth surface.

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