Geo Tube Dewatering Containers

What is Geo Tube?

The Geo Tube, commonly known as Geo bag, is widely found in sludge dewatering projects. As these are simple and low in cost, different sizes of geo tubes are used widely in desludging, dewatering and wastewater treatment industries.

Mechanism of Geo Tubes

Geo-tubes contain a slurry mix of sand and water-filled hydraulically. This pressure helps to transport the sand inside the tube. At the same time, the water dissipates the permeable fabric resulting in the sand settling out within the container.

The system doesn’t need the support of a belt or gear. So, it is an available and popular set-up. Depending upon the usage, a variety of sizes are available. They also can be staged in mobile off containers to lessen the transportation hazards.

The function of Geo Tube

After the installation, the sludge is treated with special polymers and pumped into the geo-tubes. Thus, the clear water is drained, leaving the solid behind.


  • High flow rate: It allows residuals to dewater and leave behind the solids.
  • Seaming techniques: It withstands the pressure during pumping operations.
  • Custom designed and fabricated: It is engineered especially through advanced textile technologies.
  • It is an excellent alternative for revetments, breakwaters, dykes, and groins.


Geo-tubes are widely used in industries like shoreline protection, land reclamation, island creation, wetlands creation, construction platforms, revetments, dykes, groins, offshore structures, etc.

The usage of the applications is found in-

  • Pulp and paper industries
  • Primary and secondary lagoon cleanout
  • Mining and mineral processing to remove railings
  • Coal sludge
  • Municipal wastewater treatment plants
  • Marine remediation
  • Power & utility
  • Pulp & paper
  • Light industrial
  • Agriculture including
  • Aquaculture

Why Choose our Geo Tube?

Our Geo-Tubes are resistant to natural chemicals, alkalis, acids and even UV rays. Our Geo-Tubes are used for filtering solids from liquid. Tubes can be cut and opened and dried sludge can be removed using an off-loader and a dump truck. Our Geo-tubs help in the filtration and protection of our water resources.

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