Dewatering Bags

What is Dewatering Bags?

Dewatering Bags are manufactured from non-woven geotextile cloths that filter sediment-laden water from dewatering procedures. Sediment-laden water is pumped into the non-woven geotextile fabric bag, allowing filtered water to pass through.

Dewatering bags, also known as dewatering sediment bags, silt bags, or sediment filter bags, come in various styles and sizes to fit your project.

Why Use Dewatering Bags?

In construction, draining swamps or low-lying areas is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, pumping out the water from these areas also removes a lot of dirt, silt, mud, and debris along with the water. These contaminants can cause problems if they are discharged into a storm drain.

Dewatering Bag is a cost-effective and efficient solution. Pumping water into the bag traps and filters silt, dirt, sand, and other pollutants, allowing only moisture to escape to the ground below or nearby storm drains.

Mechanism of Dewatering Bag

While pumping out the dirty water in draining swamps or low-lying areas, these bags trap the pollutants like dirt, silt, mud, and debris from the water and collect them. Thus, it allows only moisture to escape to the ground.


  • Easy and Economical Filtration
  • Versatile Applications
  • High sludge treatment capacity
  • Rugged Construction
  • Detains both oil and sediment/silt
  • Standard and custom sizes are available.
  • Accommodates up to a 4-inch discharge hose.
  • Cost-effective solution for dewatering
  • Excellent durability with high quality
  • Environmentally friendly with less carbon emission


  • Site Dewatering
  • Pumping in Trenches
  • Sediment Removal in Small Ponds
  • Dewatering on Municipalities or Power Plants
  • Construction Site Runoff Filtration
  • Sludge Dredging
  • Industrial waste-water treatment
  • Mining- tailings
  • Agriculture-animal waste contaminants
  • Environment dredging

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