Centrifuge Filter Bags

Centrifuge Bags

Overview of Centrifuge Filter Bags

Centrifuge filter bags are utilized for containing high concentration liquid and removing solids. These bags are used in pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries etc.

These are available in various sizes and models according to the types of use. Models like bottom discharge, top unload, peeler and inverting centrifuges are also accessible.

Centrifuge bags generally deal with acids, so polypropylene is widely used for manufacturing. These also carry low moisture in discharged solids. It is one of the best features of centrifuge bags.

Centrifuges of numerous types and sizes are available for industrial and commercial use, so the range of filter bags required is just as diverse. Thanks to our unique technology, we can manufacture centrifuge bags and filter panels for all types of filtration equipment, without exception. They are of accurate size, self-cleaning, and produced using a continuous process.

Navkar Filtech Pt. Ltd. Offers a wide range of Woven centrifuge Bags of all kinds of models such as bottom discharge, top unload, peeler and inverting centrifuges.


  • Fabric made as per Pharma grade Norms
  • Tailor made-ups to Fit your Equipment
  • Connections are welded whenever technically possible
  • Quality manufacturing eliminates common wrinkling and folding problems
  • Calendared surfaces for Easy discharge cake
  • Wide range of pore sizes and permeabilities
  • Wide range of fabric materials (e.g., Polypropylene, Polyester) with or without ANTISTATIC
  •  High load-bearing capacity
  •  Durable standard
  •  Fine finish


Centrifuge bags are widely used in the Chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Processing Industry, Agriculture industry etc

Why Choose our Centrifuge Bags?

We use the most up-to-date monofilament and multifilament filter fabrics, as well as a combination of the two, to create an off-the-shelf product that is both affordable and high-quality.

Our products can even be used for filtering materials that require a high degree of purity, down to a filter rating of one micron, due to nonwoven raw materials and precise tailoring.

We are here to help you!

Navkar Filtech is here to help you with your specific filtration requirements. Our experts are ready to assist you in determining which centrifuge filter bags are the best fit for your needs. Click on Inquire now button below to get a free filter quote.